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An Architektur 23
On the Commons
inkl. Beileger, Abbildungen s/w und farbig


Commons are not simply resources we share – conceptualizing the commons involves three things at the same time. First, all commons involve some sort of common pool resources, understood as non-commodified means of fulfilling peoples needs. Second, the commons are necessarily created and sustained by communities and third and most important, commons are always based on commoning – the social process that creates and reproduces the commons.


„Commons are a means of establishing a new political discourse that builds on and helps to articulate the many existing often minor struggles and recognizes their power to overcome capitalist society. One of the most important challenges we face today is to dissolve the distinctions between inside and outside the movement and promote a social movement that addresses the real challenges that people face in reproducing their own lives. How can we reproduce our lives in new ways and at the same time set a limit to capital accumulation?“ (Massimo De Angelis)


Issue includes three leaflets, a public interview with Massimo de Angelis (Political Economist, University of East London) and Stavros Stavrides (Architect, National Technical University of Athens)


And with further texts by Stefan Meretz, Karl Marx, Garrett Hardin, Elinor Ostrom, Joanna Burger, Christopher Fiel, Richard Norgaard, David Policansky, Massimo de Angelis, Stavros Stavrides


The interviews were performed by An Architektur in cooperation with the Athens Biennial 2009 as part of „live“, curated by Dimitris Papaioannou and Zafos Xagoraris