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An Architektur 14
Camp for Oppositional Architecture

130 Seiten, Abbildungen s/w und farbig

The “Camp for Oppositional Architecture” looks for possible ways of resistance within the scope of architecture and planning. It will explore and discuss oppositional perspectives that criticize the demands of a capitalist production of the built environment and try to take a non-affirmative part within this powerful contiguity. How could politically relevant and emancipative work in the fields of planning and architecture look like today? Are there any possibilities to challenge and oppose the social order from within the field of planning in a productive way? What are the relevant oppositional stances, practices, strategies or coalitions that might be imagined and realized today?

With contributions by Simone Hain, Bryan Bell, Roemer von Toorn, Peter Marcuse
an interview mit Jos Bosman, Achim Felz, Kai Lemberg und Franziska Bollerey zu IKAS (Internationale Kongresse Architektur und Städtebau): An Experiment in Extra-Parliamentary Architectural Opposition and statements by: Aeswad, Agentur Urbane Anarchisten, Architough, Diane Arvanitakis, Basecamp, Knut Birkholz, Pernille Skov, Soren Holm Hvilsby, Casagrande Laboratory, Bernard Cherix, Krzysztof Cibor, Club Real, Monika Codourey Wisniewska, Ulrich Doenitz, Saskia Draxler, Alejandro Duque, Exyzt, Freie Klasse Project, GLAS, Florian Haydn, Rudolf Kohoutek, Mathias Heyden, Shirin Homann-Saadat, Ideenaufruf, ifau, Institute for Advanced Architecture, Informal University, Jargon, Martin Kaltwasser, Daniela Karow, Viktor Kittlausz, Martina Kögl, Lab-Place, Lorma Marti, Martin Luce, Rikke Luther, John J Mc Gurk, Tanja Mergler, Annie On Ni WAN, Ortlos Architects, Peanutz-Architekten, Platforma 9.81, Polar Inerta, Raumlabor, Raumtaktik Patricio del Real, Katharina Rohde, Sprengantrag, Stadt im Regal, Stalker, Fredrik Svensk, Kristoffer Gansing, Annette Überlein, Rochus Wiedemer, Oliver Ziegenhardt