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Texture is a minor concept in the fields of art, philosophy, and design. Many writings and artistic/design works explore the texture of something, but in itself texture receives less attention. Texturing Space draws a cartography of texture and practices of texturing across different spaces and modes of thinking and making. Comprising approaches from art, urban and interaction design, cultural and media theory, philosophy, and sociology, the contributions to this volume provide nuanced understandings of texture and its potential value for creative experimentation. Building on practice-based experiences in Zurich and Hong Kong, the book explores translocal and transcultural modes of collaboration, pedagogical techniques, and manifold ways of engaging urban textures through the use of a mobile lab. Built around three planes—diagramming, relating, belonging—the gathered materials contribute to an exponential cartography of texture and texturing as key techniques and approaches for research-creation (artistic research).

With contributions by Amelie Brisson-Darveau, Christoph Brunner, Nicole De Brabandere, Sher Doruff, Rosamund Ender, Marius Förster, Karmen Franinovic, Diego Gil, Roman Kirschner, Nuria Krämer, Yanki Lee, Mariana Marcassa, Patrick Müller, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Toni Pape, Peter Tränkle, Jana Vanecek