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Texture weaves and relates. It moves through things and beings, holding them together while shifting their shapes and positions. This book is an experimental and collaborative exploration of texture from an artistic, design and cultural theoretical angle. It engages texture in its affective and transversal aspects, as connective tissue, material support, and mode of thought. Assembling contributions from a wide range of artistic and academic fields, the book inquires the political, aesthetic and pragmatic relevance of texture through a cartography of writings, images, diagramming and prototyping. Based on situated urban experiments in Zurich and Hong Kong in resonance with contributions of long-term collaborators, the book builds transdisciplinary dialogues between the fields of artistic research, aesthetics, cultural studies, media studies, and social design.

With contributions by Amelie Brisson-Darveau, Christoph Brunner, Nicole De Brabandere, Sher Doruff, Rosamund Ender, Marius Förster, Karmen Franinovic, Diego Gil, Roman Kirschner, Nuria Krämer, Yanki Lee, Mariana Marcassa, Patrick Müller, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Toni Pape, Peter Tränkle, Jana Vanecek