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"If purchasing power is to be attainable, production must be tailored to those who have it. Valuable materials, refined treatment of surfaces, amazing combinations of materials and artistic composition become highly traded design categories. But the whole thing is not experimental desire to expand the necessary repertoire, rather the design is artificialized. The trade in these commodities combines with the propaganda of designer personalities. They appear like "culture" idols, like "stars", only not so in mass. This is especially true in the field of furniture and interior design. Myriads of chairs, armchairs, shelves and lamps fill the international trade magazines. The main interest is in the sensual qualities of things. Their context of use is primarily representative. Use becomes staging, demonstration of luxurious conditions, display of wealth and abstract modernity, pretentious decoration. Strange !"
Chup Friemert
Re-Print of the first publication in the series Materialien Nr. 4 / 83, published by the Press and Information Office of the Berlin University of the Arts 1983