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Is there a hidden meaning behind the daily news of the world of finance and economics? Since 2012, artist Anke Becker has been drawing "economic words" at regular intervals: words and sentences from newspaper articles in the Financial Times are deleted with a black felt-tip pen, leaving isolated words visible. What was previously hidden emerges - beyond capital flows, stock exchange quotations and international money flows. "economic words" are laconic notations of a subjective character, filtered out of journalistic texts that analyze general economic events. In the book, a new, extensive text body of words and lines is created from a selection of "economic words" reproduced in their original size: Visually minimalist but content baroquely sprawling and meandering. To date, over 2,000 of the small-format text drawings exist on newspaper clippings (averaging 5 x 16 cm). All "economic words" have been archived since 2012 in the order in which they were created on a blog:
The publication is published in cooperation with the Berlin-based publishing house EECLECTIC. The e-book includes 299 illustrations, texts by Robin Detje and Beate Tröger, and and audio recordings of the spoken poems. It is available for €13.99 and can be ordered as a bundle (book/e-book) for €32.