Cart is empty fed, is woven into the tapestry of personal destinies, becomes a companion, a sidekick, and can gradually become a part of us, as we become a part of it. There is no such thing as the neutral object!"
Andreas Brandolini

The catalog reproduced here was the result of a short-term project supervised by Andreas Brandolini, Jasper Morrison, and Joachim Stanitzek in the summer semester of 1984 at the Industrial Design Department of the Berlin University of the Arts under Prof. Nick Roericht. In addition to the supervisors themselves, Marion Diegel, Matthias Diez, Axel Harmstorf, John Hirschberg, Jörg Hundertpfund, Gabriel Kornreich, Annette Krüger, Anna Maske, Hermann Meier, Susanne Neubohn, Gülzen Öztürk, Manuel Pfahl, Heike Salomon, Inge Sommer, Stiletto, Axel Stumpf, Christian Werner and Bettina Wiegand were involved. A first sales exhibition at the university in the same year was followed by presentations at Merve Verlag in Berlin, Galerie Strand Munich, Galerie Möbel Perdu Hamburg, and the Werkbundarchiv Berlin.

With an epilogue by Uta Brandes.