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The rise of the right-wing movements is challenging the design disciplines in a way that was previously unheard of. After all, the political success of the New Right is based to a large extent on targeted design achievements: on efficient communication design in social media, on the subversive aestheticization of protest actions, on the design coding of entire spaces, and on a depoliticization of design as a whole.
The 2019 DGTF conference took these developments as an opportunity to look at the tools of our own design disciplines: What does it mean for designers to be active in a society in which the ethnic and nationalistic attain emblematic expression? In which cultural identities are invoked, ethnopluralism is celebrated, and xenophobia becomes acceptable? This documentary examines the role of media, the appropriation of space, the function of graphics and objects, and the organization of interactions in order to discuss the relationship between design practices and neo-Right ideologies.