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Happy to welcome the series “Architektur in Gebrauch” at adocs.
“Architektur in Gebrauch” (AG) is a magazine for architecture in use. Each issue documents one building or one built structure in its current state and considers its transformation while looking back at the moment it was built. The term “use” (“Gebrauch”) constitutes, in this case, an aesthetic category and the driving force behind the development of every built structure.
AG is a magazine for the practice of architecture. Instead of another contribution to a history of architecture repeating itself as an endless series of new buildings, in which photographs capturing the moment of completion become the only instance of authenticity and the most influential moment, AG deliberately works counter to that: In focusing on the present, which is also the focus on the value of use, AG intends to assert the production conditions of architecture as the central discourse on the built environment.

Sandra Bartoli and Silvan Linden are the editors of the series and the founders of Büros für Konstruktivismus in Berlin. They both are editors with Florian Wüst of the books Licht Luft Scheisse – Archaeologies of Sustainability and Licht Luft Scheisse – Über Natur (adocs Verlag, 2020). The publications form the outcome of a research project started in 2014 exploring an environmental history of architecture that concluded with two homonymous exhibitions curated by the trio in Berlin in 2019 at the Botanical Garden Museum and the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK).