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Following the publication of the book/CD “The amplification of souls“, Gilles Aubry will be on a tour in the US in October 2014. Concerts and presentations are planned at the following venues and institutions:


US Tour, Dates and Places

4 Oct Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC
7 Oct Brown College, Providence
8 Oct Machines with Magnets, Providence
9 Oct Non-Event concert series, Goethe Institute, Boston
10 Oct Swissnex, Sensory Ethnography Lab Harvard, Boston
11 Oct Silent Barn, New York City
12 Oct Fridman gallery, New York City
16 Oct Gallery 1412, Seattle, US
18 Oct Sonarchy Radio, Seattle


30 Oct Atonal concert series, Klubi, Zürich, CH
5 Dec Tsonami festival, Valparaiso, Chile
20 Dec Exploradores de Sonido, Santiago, Chile