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Licht Luft Scheisse. Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity summarizes a three-part exhibition project and event program for the 2019 Bauhaus anniversary: Volume 1 documents the exhibition Archaeologies of Sustainability at the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK); Volume 2 is dedicated to the teaching and event program Growing from the Ruins of Modernity at the Nachbarschaftsakademie im Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg; and Volume 3 looks back on the exhibition Über Nature at the Botanical Museum Berlin.

Vol. 1 Archaeologies of Sustainability
Ed. Sandra Bartoli, Silvan Linden, Florian Wüst
The ecological question is not new. Over a hundred years ago, conceptual models and practices were developed in reaction to increasing industrialization and urbanization, which still resonate with our current ideas of sustainability. These approaches reflected not only a systematic understanding of the interactions between humans and the environment, and between nature and technology, but also the growing awareness of a modernity that is depriving itself of the basis of life. The exhibition catalog Archaeologies of Sustainability includes 171 contributions of images, documents, texts, and artworks from the last two centuries, which were shown at the nGbK during summer and autumn 2019. 
With contributions by: Tal Alon-Mozes, bankleer, Sandra Bartoli, Oliver Botar, David H. Haney, Martina Hanusová, Michael Klein & Sasha Pirker, Aglaia Konrad, Joachim Krausse, Silvan Linden, Joaquín Medina Warmburg, Tone L. Nyaas, Alessandra Ponte, Daniel Spruth, Tal Sterngast, Gitte Villesen & Joerg Franzbecker, Florian Wüst

640 pages, 289 b/w illustrations

Vol. 2 Growing from the Ruins of Modernity 
Ed. Marc Herbst, Michelle Teran
Everything gardens! Learning in the ruins of our collective disaster outlines a pedagogical model that is intended to remain useful throughout Berlin’s next 99 years, through the ravages of climate change and social upheaval. This model is centered in Berlin‘s Prinzessinnengarten at Moritzplatz. Informed by the concept of “staying with the trouble,” it names key issues, while seeking an etho-poetic approach that energizes, orients and sustains the project for the duration. The book serves to document the conflicts that inform the garden project today, while cataloging the 2019 summer course offerings. 
With contributions by: Mojisola Adebayo, bankleer, Julia Bar-Tal, Elisa T. Bertuzzo, Luca Bogoni, Anna Busdiecker, Elizabeth Calderón Lüning, Marco Clausen, Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom, Paula Gioia, Ekhart Hahn, Melissa Harrison, Guy Hazwi, Naomi Hennig, Marc Herbst, Hagit Keysar, Marion Louisgrand Sylla, Jumana Mannais, Kerstin Meyer, Lígia Milagres, Shalev Moran, Camila Nobrega, Jan Rolletschek, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Blanka Stolz, Michelle Teran, Yvonne Volkart, Werner Wiartalla, Nicole Wolf, Florian Wüst 

144 pages, 85 bichromatic illustrations

Vol. 3 Über Nature
Ed. Sandra Bartoli, Kathrin Grotz, Silvan Linden, Florian Wüst, Patricia Rahemipour
In the age of the Anthropocene, the concept of »nature« stands increasingly in opposition to the realization that we influence, alter, and destroy our environment in all spheres of animate and inanimate matter. Über Nature looks back on the homonymous exhibition of mainly artistic works that address our relationship to nature, the biosphere, and the non-human in the context of the Botanical Museum Berlinand in this way, directly or indirectly deals also with the institution as a project of modernity. With contributions by: Böhler & Orendt, Book & Hedén, Joerg Franzbecker, Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison, Heidrun Hubenthal & Michael Wilkens, Katja Kaiser, Susanne Kriemann, Katarzyna Kukula, Kito Nedo, Kim Nekarda, Patricia Piccinini, New Territories_S/he, Gitte Villesen

200 pages, 113 b/w illustrations