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"This Special focuses on sound, aurality, and ecology in Morocco. In exchange with artists, musicians, and scientists, Gilles Aubry’s more-than-sonic approach covers a wide range of practices, including music archives, seismology, healing practices, industrial extractivism, and inter-species co-evolution. Sawt, in Arabic, literally means sound and voice. Sound in Morocco thus intimately relates to the body as a site from which it becomes possible to re-work the borders of knowledge and coloniality. The transformative power of sonic pluralism is expressed in people’s acts of listening and sounding. The six chapters of his book, published by adocs in 2023, come with a number of collaborative audio and video essays, images, quotes, and reviews presented at


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Norient Online Special
Sawt, Bodies, Species

by Gilles Aubry


Norient is an audio-visual gallery and a community (of practice) for the sound of the world: for contemporary music, quality journalism, cutting-edge research, projects, and events like the Norient Festival. Norient conceives music, sound, and noise as seismographs of our time, facilitates space and place for thinkers and artists from currently sixty countries to tell new and different stories of the now and tomorrow. The goal is to support (sub)cultural diversity, broaden horizons, and open up dialogue across people, continents, and disciplines.